What have we learned from the Y2K Disaster

The Y2K Disaster seems like something that is only focused at the time of the year 2000 – but in fact it dates back to a lot longer before that. The hyper euphoria of various events extends not just to time back – as far as witches are concerned – and the mass fear that can grip a nation – but there are many technological aspects that can be examined in this blog.

The problem with technology is very few people understand it – and so it is easy to drum up fear in the general populance – especially when you consider the fact that we rely on and use technology every day. From the Facebook user hacking scandal – which led to Mark Zuckerberg being taken before Congress to answer questions – to whether or not our digital phones are being watched.

The fear of people towards technology is not completely invalid.

Sure there are many movies that can play to this fear – and just like the outsized fear towards sharks during the time when Jaws came out – there is the same fear that is being parlayed by movies into technology. In fact one of the biggest and considered by some the best action movie – Terminator 2 – and the Terminator series in general had led to the famous joke made across YouTube comment boards whenever a company releases a video of a robot that can do a simple function

“Have we learned nothing from Skynet?”

The commenter will ask – in a joking – but maybe only half joking sense.

Terminator 2 has imprinted us with the fear of robots that will last for a long time.

So when it comes to technical fear mongering – how much does this fear really cost us. Of course as people we will not stop using digital technologies if they are convenient to us – and on some level we accept a slight loss of privacy or risk when the benefits outweigh those risks – just like when cars came out – and still to this day – we accept the death toll on the roads for the convenience that we gain.

However with the advent of YouTube and many professionals now having YouTube channels we can begin to have discussions around fears that come up – so that we can give the maximum benefit to society while decreasing the cost of fear technology based epidemics and ensure that technology can benefit us in the future.

While the Y2K event is a long time away – chronicling not only what happened but helping us clarify people’s general behavioural trends is very useful – this site is paid for – hosting and content wise – by a person who has himself been affected by this IT issue – and ended up spending quite a bit of money on it. The SilkWood founder supports this site and does great work – as you can see from this facelift before and after. I look forward to having more support as I continue building this site into the future.

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