Why Team Building and Communication Could Have Helped Those That Predicted Gloom

One of the big things that led to the Y2K scare is the lack of communication between parties and the fear that was built around it. Everybody likes fear – but it’s not the most productive emotion. And this is what led to the Y2K Status bug in the first place – there was a lot of mis information and many parties did not communicate with each other on exactly where the threat was coming from and how to fix it – but more importantly how likely it was to actually become a reality.

There was an agenda for the news cycle to hype up this fear in order to get attention and eyeballs from the general populace – the whole thing was unfortunate and what was more unfortunate was the amount of money that companies spent to be “Y2K Proof” – something that if you look back at it – was really a bunch of un necessary spending.

If only there was more communication than the software engineers could discuss with management and get to the bottom of the reality that at the end of the day would allow both parties to focus on things that are more important.

There is a company in Sydney who does team building sydney ultimo and they had this issue recently with a company they worked for – what they said was that IT companies face very unique challenges in their team building roster – technology companies traditionally rely on digital communication methods and this can pose a risk when it comes to brainstorming and actually getting into a room and discussing these things.

So that is why team building is so important – my hope is that more people will use team building in technology related situations – while the Y2K situation was an instance where nothing ended up happening the worse situation is when people don’t expect it and something bad actually happens – the good news is that any time something that we plan to avoid risk for doesn’t happen we don’t really lose that much – since at the end of the day whether we prevented it or it didnt’ happen anyway – we’ve still spent the money – were aware of the risks and nothing had come of it.

Of course – no amount of team building can help criminal action that is brought against a company – which is why we recommend you find out your rights from a criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

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